Univision is saying goodbye to its popular telenovela "Pasión y Poder" Thursday night. The soap, starring Fernando Colunga, Susana Gonzalez, Marlene Favela and Jorge Salinas, will come to a close in a three-hour finale that will reveal what destiny has in store for the Gómez-Luna and Montenegro families.

The Televisa production by José Alberto Castro centers on businessman Eladio Gomez-Luna (Colunga), an attractive man with a fierce and determined personality. He is a business genius but a chauvinist. He loves his wife, Julia (Gonzalez), but has not managed to make her love him back. 

Ever since Eladio was young, he has held a deep grudge against Julia’s former fiancé, Arturo Montenegro (Salinas), and has vowed to destroy him at all costs. Eladio has two children - David, who he suspects is a product of Julia's affair with Arturo, and Franco, a fruit of an affair he had with Caridad, but whom he denies despite of their striking similarities.

Check out the reasons you should not miss the final episode:

1. Eladio Gómez-Luna: This man has been hideous to his wife, not just physically but also psychologically. Although in the last weeks he has shown a more human side and seemed to be repenting, he would have to go into massive psych sessions to find the root of his problems and fix it. He is a terror and this trait cannot be fixed in just one day. Let us see if he can redeem himself in the end.

2. Julia's Finale: Poor Julia has suffered all of her life. She was not able to fight for her love for Arturo but now life has given her another opportunity at that. However, Arturo has not always been the best to her. He has lied and sided with her father, who does not always have her best interest. Eladio, on the other hand, has only given her many years of trauma. Will Julia finally stand up for herself and go after what she wants?

3. Regina & David: Will these two just cut to the chase and get together? Is a wedding in store for the couple?

4. Franco: The mini Eladio is another terror. He really learned from the best. This guy, however, seems to have only his best interest and his state of mind is just wrong. It is interesting to see what the finale holds for this character.

5. Erick: What is up with this guy? Make sure you tune in to the finale and celebrate along with other fans if he ends up in prison.

6. Consuelo: This woman has also suffered so much. Cross fingers that she ends up with her brother-in-law Miguel.

7. Fernando Colunga: Yes, Fernando Colunga plays the lead character/villain Eladio. He is reason enough to watch the finale.

8. Special Episode: Univision is making a big event for the finale as it will air for three hours. A SUPER-SIZE episode has got to be a must-watch.

"Pasión y Poder" finale airs Thursday, April 27 starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Univision.