A mother who has been forced to live alone in her home located in Liverpool is exhausting all means to rid her house of alleged demons. She has sought the aid of priests who confirm that paranormal activities are happening at the said abode.

The woman seeking assistance was identified as Lorna McDonald who alleges that the bruises over her body were done by a demon. Further, it was learned that the reason why her 22-year-old daughter moved out was because of the unsettling events happening at the woman’s home.

Priests have reportedly visited her home several times as they attempt to rid a spare room of the house allegedly occupied by a demon.

According to paranormal expert Tom Sieman, the area where the house is located has a dark Satanic history.

“Southbrook Road derives its name from Childwall Brook, which once ran through the road on which 34 houses are now built, and the house which is purported to be the lair of the demon is situated on land which once belonged to the Ivy Farm –just one of the infamous spots where a sinister and ancient band of occultists known as the Lily White Boys used to hold their bonfire rituals,” Sieman stated.

The paranormal activity in McDonald’s home dates back to 2014. At the time, she revealed how spooky sightings were happening at her home. Lorna also added that she was attacked by a spirit who was behind the bruising in her body.

Her daughter left her after a terrifying experience. A mysterious demonic shape appeared in a photograph taken in the room and alleged that mirrors started flying off walls.

"It all started with noises. We had a mirror on the wall and I thought my daughter had dropped something on the wooden floor, but the mirror had started shaking,” McDonald narrated.

Siemen later added that land was bounded by Belle Vale, Childwall Golf Course, Huyton, Court Hey and Page Moss. It has some sacred relevance to the Lily-White Boys and devil-worshipping cultists, not to mention “Bloody Acre,” a mysterious tract of forbidden land that lies next to All Saints Church in Childwall.

Representation image: crucifix and bible
Representation image: crucifix and bible Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

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