As pop star Shakira and football player Gerard Piqué continue their separation proceedings, Piqué is rumored on Monday to have had an affair with Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli during his relationship with the pop star. 

Paparazzi photographer Jordi Martin has added to the Shakira-Piqué drama with a new revelation, claiming that Piqué and Refaeli were in an affair with each other in 2012, potentially around the same time that Shakira was pregnant with her first child with Piqué, according to Hola!.

“After a long time, they have finally been able to confirm what was once an open secret,” Martin said on Instagram. “Pique's alleged infidelity with Shakira and Bar Refaeli in 2012.”

Martin reportedly got the information from a close friend of Refaeli, who confirmed that her trips to Barcelona during that time period, which included attending a tournament that Piqué was playing in, were allegedly because she was having an affair with the football star, Marca reported. 

“A few days ago I spoke to a close friend of Bar Refaeli's who has been a friend of mine for many years and was able to confirm that this was the reason for the top model's multiple visits to Barcelona,” the photographer said. 

“I passed this information on to Shakira through her confidant, who was astonished,” they continued. “I passed this information along also. Many of these, are new details she wasn't aware of.”

Refaeli, at the time, had just come out of a romantic relationship with movie star Leonardo DiCaprio, and she might have started the affair during the Camp Nou to the Copa del Rey in January 2012, though it remains unclear if this is so. 

Martin also confirms that Piqué may have had an affair with an unknown person last summer, as the paparazzo tracked down the movements of the football star and found him to have been escorted by someone who was not Shakira. 

“Between June 30 and July 6 last summer, Piqué made a trip to Monaco accompanied by someone other than Shakira. I have also brought this to his attention. Shakira is receiving a lot of new information that she was completely unaware of,” Martin said. 

Shakira and Piqué are currently going through a separation, and their contentious and drawn-out negotiations include the custody of their children, whom Shakira wants to take to Miami with her while Piqué wants them to stay in Spain.

GettyImages-1172395777 A paparazzi revealed that Shakira's ex Gerard Piqué was reportedly cheating on her with Israeli model Bar Refaeli during their first year together, while Shakira may have been pregnant with their child. Gotham/Getty Images.