As Shakira and football player Gerard Piqué continue their contentious negotiations as they move towards divorce, a report on Friday claims that the football star still has Shakira’s Grammys displayed in his office despite the split that the two had gone through.

Journalist Jordi Martin claims that Piqué is still in possession of Shakira’s three Grammy award trophies and 12 Latin Grammy award trophies, saying that he still has it on display for everyone to see despite their split months ago, according to the Economic Times.

“Piqué’s office at Cosmos (his production company) still displays Shakira's Grammys. He didn't give it back,” Martin said.

The two are reportedly in a contentious battle for custody because Shakira wants to move to Miami with their two children, while Piqué has argued that such a move would deteriorate the children’s relationship with their paternal grandparents, Hola! reported.

The couple recently met up with their respective lawyers on Friday to continue the negotiations, but Piqué was reportedly so incensed with the divorce terms that Shakira and her team have offered up that he allegedly left the meeting after thirty minutes in anger, Marca reported.

“The relationship between them is very tense, very distant, and the negotiations are going to be very hard,” a journalist knowledgeable about the situation said.

In spite of Piqué’s reported frustration with Shakira and her team for the different offers and counteroffers that the group has undergone over the months, the two are adamant not to go on trial for the sake of their children and so that they won’t have to appear in front of a judge.

Many believe that Piqué may use the Grammy award trophies to his advantage so that he can get more favorable results during his divorce negotiations with Shakira, though this remains to be seen.

The couple had split in June, announcing it through a PR agency. Afterwards, Shakira was sued by Spanish prosecutors for tax fraud, where they asked for over eight years in jail for the pop star for the millions of euros in taxes that she reportedly had not paid.

Amid a contentious divorce negotiation between the two, it was reported on Friday that Shakira's Grammys are under the possession of her ex Gerard Piqué. Gotham/Getty Images.

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