Pregnant Woman, Baby Among Several Killed In Fiery Crash In Los Angeles Pixabay

A pregnant woman died after she was cut open and her unborn baby was stolen by two assailants in Mexico.

The suspects, a man, and a woman, allegedly lured a pregnant woman to her death through social media with a promise of clothes for her baby. After they lured her to a place, the suspects allegedly sliced open the pregnant woman to extract the fetus because the woman attacker was unable to have children herself, CBS News reported.

The alleged perpetrators, a man, and a woman were arrested with a newborn in their possession. They appeared before a judge on Monday, Dec. 5 accused of kidnapping and femicide.

The baby "was rescued safe and sound and is now receiving attention from the relevant authorities."

Statistics reveal that more than 3,700 women were murdered in violence-plagued Mexico in 2021. Out of these 3700, 1,000 were classified as femicides.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a woman who murdered a pregnant woman and removed the unborn baby from the pregnant woman's womb was found guilty by a jury in Bowie County, Texas on Monday, Oct. 3, as previously reported.

The accused, 29-year-old Taylor Rene Parker, was found guilty of murdering Reagan Micelle Simmons-Hancock, 21, and her infant daughter in their New Boston home in October 2020.

Parker, who was not able to conceive after a hysterectomy, intensively researched how to fake a pregnancy. She then faked her own pregnancy for nearly 10 months, disguised herself to look pregnant, faked ultrasounds, and posted about her “pregnancy” on social media. She then plotted and intended to kill Hancock, who was 35 weeks pregnant, and take her baby.

According to prosecutors, Parker reportedly crafted the elaborate lie to keep from losing her boyfriend and told him she would be induced to deliver on the day of the murder.

Parker's then-boyfriend, Wade Griffin, reportedly received an anonymous warning text message informing him that Parker was faking her pregnancy.

Following this, to prove everyone wrong, Parker started searching for information on how to get a birth certificate and register out-of-hospital births. She also started searching maternity stores and clinics, stalking them for potential targets.

Following this, she zeroed in on Simmons-Hancock. As her due date approached, Parker bashed Simmons-Hancock’s skull with a hammer and cut and stabbed her more than 100 times before removing her unborn baby from her womb using a scalpel.

Following the gruesome murder, a Texas DPS trooper pulled over Parker on the morning of the murder and found the unresponsive infant in her lap. The baby was taken to a hospital and was later pronounced dead.

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