As Prince Harry returns to the United Kingdom to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, royal sources and experts say that Harry may still harbor strong resentments against the Duchess of Cornwall due to her perceived role in the breakdown of his parents’ marriage.

Harry, who will be watching the Trooping the Colours parade in the spectator side, will reportedly have a difficult time seeing Camilla on the Buckingham Palace balcony, especially as she is slated to become Queen Consort once Charles ascends to the throne, according to Page Six.

“Years of hard graft from Charles’ courtiers have gone into making Camilla palatable to the British public, and the world at large,” a source said, before expounding, “But Harry will never truly love her, his mother was meant to be queen, and Camilla will always be the woman who led to his parents’ divorce.”

The prince has had a lot of built-up resentment for Charles’ wife, and has refused to accept Camilla as both the future Queen Consort and Charles’ wife in recent months, with rumors swirling that Harry would refuse to go to Charles’ coronation because of it, the Daily Beast reported.

“Charles facing a high-profile boycott of his coronation by his son is the stuff of nightmares for him as it goes right to the core of his credibility,” biographer Duncan Larcombe said. “Harry has long suggested that Charles was a bad dad; it is not a huge jump from there to say that he is not fit to be king.”

Harry and Camilla’s relationship has been chilly from the start: when he was young and in her presence, he was described to be unnerving because he gave her nothing but “long silences and smoldering, resentful stares.”

Many see that the resentment between the two, as well as Harry’s separation from the royal family and his continued veneration of the late Princess Diana, may drive a wedge further between him and the royal family.

“[What] he sees is that, simply put, the woman who caused his mother so much pain and ultimately broke up his parents’ marriage stands to become Queen Camilla,” writer Christopher Andersen said.

“Even if Camilla’s being crowned queen is inevitable, Harry may not feel the need to actually be there watching it happen.”

Prince Harry and Camilla's less-than-ideal relationship together may continue to heat up as Harry continues to threaten not going to his father Charles' coronation due to Camilla becoming the Queen Consort. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

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