Prince Harry arrives in London after Charles III cancer news
AFP/Justin Tallis

In a moment that echoes the experiences of immigrants worldwide, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, has urgently flown back to the United Kingdom from California, going through the all-too-familiar and dreaded scenario of receiving news about a family member's illness from afar.

Less than 24 hours after Buckingham Palace revealed that King Charles III had been diagnosed with cancer, his younger son arrived home.

Upon his arrival in the UK, Prince Harry was photographed being driven into Clarence House, the London residence of his father, near Buckingham Palace. Afterwards, King Charles and Queen Camila were seen waving to crowds as they departed from the royal residence.

Megan Markle and the children stayed home

Prince Harry's emergency trip was particularly poignant, considering the reported strain in his relationship with his father and his brother, Prince William, following his decision to step back from their roles as senior members of the royal family and the subsequent release of Harry's memoir last year.

The last time Harry and his dad were together was during Queen Elizabeth's funeral, which he also attended alone.

Royal family fans and observers on social media wondered if the King's cancer diagnosis could inspire the family to heal the rift between them, although a royal source told People Magazine that there are "no plans" for Prince Harry and Prince William to get together.

However, Prince William is scheduled to resume his royal responsibilities this Wednesday, beginning with an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle, followed by the annual fundraising event for the London Air Ambulance.

While he might take on some of his father's duties in addition to his own scheduled engagements in the upcoming weeks, there are no current intentions to designate counselors of state to act in King Charles' place. These counselors, which include members of the royal family such as Queen Camilla, Prince William, and others, are authorized to fulfill constitutional roles for the monarch during periods of absence or illness. This practice differs from other royal traditions globally, where heirs often serve as regents; in the UK, the appointment of regents is a more permanent solution, typically used only in specific circumstances.

The Prime Minister gives details about King Charles' cancer

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak offered further details about the health of the King to the British public, saying he was "shocked and sad" about the the cancer diagnose, but highlighted that the cancer "was caught early."

In an official statement, Buckingham Palace informed that King Charles III decided to put a hold on public duties, although he will maintain his regular meetings with Prime Minister Sunak. He will also keep fulfilling his constitutional role as head of state, signaling a continuation of his duties despite the recent health challenges.

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