Face Mask
Why Siberian Huskies Have Blue Eyes Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, everyone has been urged to exercise due diligence in the proper disposal of PPE kits and face masks. Recklessly overlooking the effect that improper disposal of these things has raised concerns on pollution, not to mention harmful repercussions to people and animals.

And that appears to be the case for this Siberian Husky who needed to undergo a special procedure to take out a face mask over in Chennai. It is believed that the animal had accidentally ingested the face mask which was lying around somewhere.

A video showing a team of veterinarians made its round on social media removing the face mask from the Siberian Husky’s stomach. It was shared by a Twitter said to be an IAS officer named Supriya Sahu. Along with her post read:

”The masks we carelessly throw away can end up killing animals. A team of veterinarians from TN University of Veterinary & animal sciences at Chennai successfully removed a face mask from the stomach of a Siberian Husky dog. Video not for faint hearted. Please ensure safe disposal.”

The video has gone viral and people are now asking everyone to be more responsible when it comes to the proper disposal of face masks and other protection worn against the coronavirus. It is a problem that has been around for some time now, most unaware of the harmful effects it could bring.

Users lauded the veterinarians who carried out the procedure on the Siberian Husky. Figuring out who irresponsibly threw the mask may be hard to trace.

But one thing that responders to the notable tweet are that the public needs to be more careful and understand that used masks and other paraphernalia need to be disposed of properly to avoid another problem besides the ongoing pandemic.

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