Russia Accuses Ukraine Of Striking Belgorod With Missiles 12019/ Pixabay

The Belgorod, Russia’s infamous “city killer” submarine was spotted docked near the NATO border at a port in Severodvinsk, near the Russian Arctic region. Experts speculate the sighting of the "doomsday submarine" said to be equipped with the “apocalypse drone” is a warning directed at the Western powers.

According to The Sun, defense expert H.I. Sutton said the submarine has been docked in the port for some time after an operation north of the Kola Peninsular in the Barents Sea. The K-329 submarine can reportedly create radioactive tsunamis and destroy enemy coastlines with the Poseidon underwater torpedo drone. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine experiencing major speedbumps, there are fears that the Kremlin may coordinate a strike with a nuclear-capable torpedo to assist the Russian offensive.

The latest images that capture the submarine suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing everything in his power to hide the location of this terrifying war machine, with experts suggesting this to be a show of force. In a recent statement, Putin vowed to use “any means” to secure the four locations Russia has annexed from Ukraine, which have been battered by Ukrainian forces on the frontline. NATO members are already expressing their concerns that the Belgorod may be considered a tactical option for the war effort as Russia continues to suffer from a string of setbacks.

A threat from above looms over the Ukrainian skies as Kyiv was hit by “Kamikaze drones” after Russia received a large delivery of weapons from Iran. Cargo planes from Tehran landed in Moscow’s Vnukovo airport during the weekend, with a supposed shipment of over 2000 drones, with fears that Russia may deploy them in swarms on the Ukrainian frontlines, to challenge Kyiv’s air defenses. Explosive-tipped Shahed-136 drones struck Kyiv on Monday, killing three people and demolishing buildings, which sent residents into panic as they rushed into the shelters. Alongside the drones were a shipment of Fateh-100 and Zolfaghar ballistic missiles.

The Belgorod is said to be around 604ft in length, making it the largest submarine in the world. Sometime earlier this year, the Russian Navy received the beastly submarine after a series of successful trials. Further details of the submarine suggest it can travel up to speeds of 125mph even beneath the waves, thanks to a closely guarded secret Russian underwater propulsion system.

Vladimir Putin and governor of Belgorod region
Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) meets with the governor of Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov in Moscow on August 8, 2022. Photo by Mikhail Klimentyev/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images

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