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Russia’s super-submarine was recently delivered to the Russian Navy said to be the largest submarine ever to be built in 30 years. On July 8, The Belgorod submarine found its way into the hands of the Russian Navy marked with a ceremony at the Northern Fleet’s headquarters based in Severodvinsk.

Christened as Project 0982 Belgorod, it brings with it a doomsday reputation for its capabilities to annihilate coastal cities. The vessel reportedly can cause a 500m tsunami along with a radiation fallout that could have devastating effects on the environment and population.

According to Sevmash, the submarine is armed with six strategic Poseidon nuclear torpedoes measuring 80 feet. These are twice the size of a usual submarine-launched ballistic missile and weigh 30 times more than the typical heavyweight torpedo. Moreover, the torpedoes could also be armed with a 100 megaton warhead. The entire vessel spans over 600 feet in length and weighs about 300,000 tonnes (300,000,000 kg), said to be the biggest submarine ever built in the world.

However, despite its menacing powers, the ship was mainly designed for the purpose of scientific research and rescue operations, at which “it can also be used as a carrier of rescue deep-sea and autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles.” Russian Navy chief Admiral Nikolai Anatolyevich Yevmenov said in a statement that The Belgorod mainly aims to open new doors for Russia to further explore diverse scientific research and launch expeditions as well as have the ability to conduct rescue operations in remote oceans around the world. It also carries a Klavesin-29M autonomous underwater vehicle also known as Harpsichord.

A leaked Russian document released by the BBC in 2015, stated how a single Poseidon torpedo could destroy “important economic instalations of the enemy” situated in coastal areas and can guarantee utter devastation to any territory from the radiation that can illicit a contamination spread through thousands of miles. Such an extent of damage will render the city useless for any military or economic activities for a long period of time. The torpedoes were claimed to be a primary defense and will be used only as a nuclear deterrent.

The arrival of the submarine also marks the beginning of Russia’s underwater research as it reportedly launched its first sea trials last year under the Main Directorate of Undersea Research. The Russian Navy will be operating the submarine, however, its missions will be in sole control of the Russian president.

Representation image of a submarine (David Mark / Pixabay) David Mark / Pixabay

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