“Record of Ragnarok” season 2 appears to be set and anime fans are holding high expectations. In the battle of Gods against humans, there is no denying that the former holds the edge.

For some, the duels are useless. But then again, it may not be wise to discount the human champions. Kojiro Sasaki, known as a born loser, turned the tables on Poseidon, an indication that other gods may be in for a battle and cannot take their opponents for granted.

Of course, a lot still depends on the champions that Brunhild and her sisters select. The win of Kojiro may alter their selection of human champions to do battle against the gods. Could the angle of taking their opponents for granted be something that humans may use to overpower their almighty counterparts?

Deception and the fact that humans could turn the table on their dominant foes is something that has sent a warning to the gods. The loss of Poseidon is a testament to that, meaning the real champions that Brunhild would choose may not necessarily be all about strength but wits.

With no plots yet but a ton of material to work from, there is a lot to expect in season 2 of “Record of Ragnarok.” But at the top of it all, fans want to see improved fight scenes, something that the first season failed to accomplish.

It goes beyond the graphics that were shown in a previous post. Scripts need to be improved and adding some twists to get anime fans glued and left to ponder on what may be ahead would be nice.

For now, the only thing set is that “Record of Ragnarok” season 2 is coming. As far as what to expect like plots and possibly new characters, anime fans will just have to wait and hope for the best.

"Record of Ragnarok" Season 2 illustration
"Record of Ragnarok" Season 2 illustration photo from Record of Ragnarok Official Twitter account (@ror_anime)

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