Mary, the new Queen of France will have to rule in the midst of a deadly plague. Season 2 of "Reign" will focus on the outbreak of the black death in France. The CW

The Season 1 finale of “Reign” left fans with a ton of cliffhangers, the castle and France itself was being threatened by a deadly plague, the new King was celebrating the birth of his first child without his wife despite his own father’s recent death, and Mary, the new Queen of France, had separated herself from her husband by closing the castle. In an emotional conclusion she closed the gates in an attempt to keep the illness out and the castle safe but it seems that Mary may have only made her friends and family more susceptible to the disease and the danger that lurks in it’s halls.

A new teaser trailer released at the 2014 San-Diego Comic Con reveals that Season 2 of “Reign” picks up where fans left off. The video opens with a shot of both Mary and Catherine, the new Queen of France addresses her court, revealing the troubling news, “the black death has returned to plague or land.” While the title of Queen of France is something new at the end of Mary’s already royal name, the young wife and queen looks well adjusted to the role, while even speaking of the black death sends the court into chaos, Mary attempts to qualm their fears stating, “we are prepared and we are in the best position to survive.” And while Mary may look convinced when she says this, not everyone is, the still bitter and now crown less Catherine, quickly turns to her loyal confidante Nostradamus and seems to reveal the truth quipping, “we are far from prepared.” However, Catherine has quickly lost her wit in the next shot, she is seen sick and coughing clinging to the castle wall for support.

And where there is death, there is life. While the castle is gripped with France, Francis and Lola return with their newborn, something that is sure to cause more of a strain for Mary and Francis’s marriage. However, while the royal marriage suffers, Bash and Keena seem to be growing closer and more in love each day. While the details surrounding her imprisonment are still unknown, the teaser trailer shows Bash literally breaking down a door to save his new wife, who desperately runs into his arms. Sickness is not the only thing that will plague the castle; though still mysterious a young girl dressed in red seems to haunt Bash throughout the entire trailer. Other than looking a bit pale, she is nonetheless ordinary, until she drops her stuffed bear, Bash sweetly returns it, but the stare her receives in return is not one of gratitude but warning. Little kids in red are never a good sign, run far Bash, and bring Keena and Pascal!

Season 2 of "Reign" will premiere on the CW on Oct. 2 at 9 pm.

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