Tonight "Rica Famosa Latina" Season 3 comes to an explosive event with an epic fight between Sandra Vidal and Mayeli Rivera. These two have not had the easiest of roads as they are not friends at all. Lupillo Rivera's wife did not take to liking Vidal from the get-go as she says she has nothing else to talk about than Pablo Montero. The two have been at odds ever since with the former "Angeles" star calling Jenni Rivera's sister-in-law "fat" and "ugly" during a heated phone conversation. Sandra even questioned Lupillo's fidelity to his wife during his tours.

Sandra, after counseling, set up a meet-up with Mayeli to patch things up, but she ended up making things worse. Mayeli found out that Sandra had been snooping around and trying to dig up dirty to throw in her face but it back fired. To be fair, Vidal told her she was only there to apologize to make herself feel better. What kind of half ass apology is that? Sandra didn't seem to be sorry at all and Mayeli went off on her and called her irrelevant names, charging at her with a broken glass.

On the finale of the show, we see both of them at a same event and things will get fired up once again. In the preview down below we can see Mayeli challenging Sandra to sit by her to talk things out. Then we see Rivera swinging at "la nalga de Pablo Montero" (as she is referred to on the show) and the fight is on. You won't want to miss this epic conclusion to such an explosive third series. "Rica Famosa Latina" airs tonight at 7pm ET/PT on Estrella TV.