'Rica Famosa Latina' Season 3: Sandra Vidal Vs Mayeli Rivera
Sandra Vidal from "Rica Famosa Latina" has made some serious allegations about Lupillo Rivera. Watch the video here! EstrellaTV

The ladies of "Rica Famosa Latina" are not afraid to show their ugliest side when it comes to getting their point across. After the brawl Sandra Vidal was involved in with fellow cast-mate Victoria Del Rosal, she has made another enemy by the name of Mayeli Rivera (Lupillo Rivera's wife). During the picnic and the infamous fight between two of the ladies, Rivera was chatting with Vidal. Jenni Rivera's sister-in-law told her that every time she talks to her, she is talking about Pablo Montero. Sandra says she doesn't know her and she had only met her briefly before. Mayeli recalled that precisely during that short meet-up, Sandra brought the baby daddy subject up.

Mayeli Rivera thought things through and had an idea to call Sandra up and invite her out to settle their differences. Pablo's ex was not having it and went off on a rant against her. "I'm sorry you have some doubts?," Sandra annoyingly replied. "You think that after you attacked me you can come and call me to see if we can sit down and talk? Do you think I'm mentally retarded? Saying that I am a bad mother, getting in my business, with my son." She went on to start attacking Mayeli personally saying: "The only bad woman is you, going on Twitter and talking bad about the Rivera family."

"Why don't you get yourself a life? Go look for fame somewhere else. Why don't you worry about your husband's penis because when he goes on tour he is usually putting it in somewhere, because you were the reason to break his marriage. It wouldn't surprise me that he would be doing the same thing to you because there's a thing called karma. Fat girl, lose some weight, because when you threw yourself on top of me during the fight with Victoria, you were really heavy darling. If you think I am a fighter like you because you have your face broken because you're a girl from a street from Chihuahua, you're wrong. I will never get into a fight again. If you would've apologized, I would've accepted it, but I don't need to listen to you, ugly, fat girl." Watch Sandra's complete rant down below and tell us who's side you're on!

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