Ricky and Domingo
Grammy Winner Alejandro Sanz and Neo-Expressionist Artist Domingo Zapata auctioned a painting they did as a collaboration during the Eva Longoria and Ricky Martin annual Global Gift Gala. This year all the proceed of the non-profit organization will benefit Puerto Rico. Photo: Instagram

Ricky Martin and Eva Longoria as "Global Gifters" selflessly offered their time and cooperation for the various initiatives of the Global Gift Foundation. Like them, many other celebrities from all branches of art joined the initiative to raise funds for the recovery efforts of Puerto Rico.

Famous Neo-Expressionist painter Domingo Zapata and musician and Grammy winner Alejandro Sanz, collaborated to create a painting which was auctioned during the gala. Before the event, in an exclusive interview for Latin Times, Zapata said how they decided to make the contribution. "Alejandro and I made this collaboration with the intention of making an exhibition in New York in March," reveals the artist. "But since this is the gala for Puerto Rico and both, he and I are trying to help as we can, we will auction one of the paintings we started at the gala."

"Guitars, acrylic, oil and love. A little more then just art... a collaboration to help others in need while creating and having a great time," wrote Zapata sharing an photo on Instagram of him and Alejandro working on the piece.

Without knowing what awaited them, both raised 60 thousand dollars causing the enthusiasm of all, but especially Ricky Martin's, who after listening at the amount of money the painting sold for, jumped out of his chair and ran to the stage to thank Domingo. Watch Ricky's reaction below!

It's been just over two months since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico with winds of 155 mph (250 km/h), becoming the strongest to hit the territory since the 1928 San Felipe hurricane, as well as the most intense hurricane to hit the territory in recorded history.

Category 4 Maria, left the whole island blacked out and badly damaged the houses, leaving a trail of total destruction, as did the collapse in all communication lines. The storm ripped trees out of the ground and caused widespread flooding, particularly in San Juan, the capital, where many residential streets looked like rivers.

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