Rosie Rivera
Jenni Rivera's sister, Rosie, opens up about sexual abuse and her personal life in a new book. Omar Cruz / Celebra Books

Rosie Rivera is finally opening up after a very dark stage in her life thanks to the advice of her beloved late sister, Jenni Rivera. Rosie, who is the baby sister of the Rivera family, has always received unconditional love from family and friends. However, at a very young age, she was a victim of sexual abuse, receiving threats, violence and mistreatment from someone in her own family.

Now, she has penned her experience and opens up about sexual abuse in a new book called "Mis Pedazos Rotos," in which she also explains how she overcame the storm and was able to heal the scars thanks to faith, family and love.

The book, which includes a prologue by journalist Myrka Dellanos, will launch on February 2, 2016, but it's already available for pre-sale. According to Rosie, it was La Diva de la Banda who inspired her to tell her story.

"Today I begin a new stage, by making a dream come true with the release of my book's cover," the 34-year-old Mexican-American said in a statement. "A mission completed that began in the heart of my sister 18 years ago. When I confessed to her about my sexual abuse, Jenni planted a seed in my heart [and said] 'sister, you should write a book about your life and help other abused girls.' At that time, I thought she was crazy...but she was witness of my pain and broken pieces. She saw victory," she added.

"Sister, the seed has began to grow. Thank you for motivating me to fight my battles. This is our victory," she concluded with a "high freakin' five."

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