Russian state propaganda continues its disinformation campaign in the United States to hopefully get former President Donald Trump elected as they air unverified claims on Thursday, March 24, that Hunter Biden funded biological weapons during his stay in Ukraine.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has claimed without any evidence that Hunter Biden is secretly funding biolabs run by the Pentagon in Ukraine, with Russian TV host Vladimir Soloviev and Center for the National Interest head Dimitri Simes openly saying that the claims will hopefully help Donald Trump in getting re-elected, according to the Daily Beast.

“Russia served up a beneficial deck of cards for Trump, because the documents discovered in Ukraine, plus the evidence uncovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop, demonstrate the participation of Hunter Biden’s company in biological programs in Ukraine,” Soloviev said.

As the war on Ukraine continues, many press outlets in Russia have closed down due to the intense laws that mandate a 15-year prison sentence for journalists who uses the word “war” to describe Russia’s attack on Ukraine, another Daily Beast article reported.

This includes the famed Novaya Gazeta, a newspaper whose editor Dmitry Muratov won the Nobel Peace Prize last year for their journalistic work. The newspaper, seen as the most independent one in Russian soil, left their website blank except for one statement explaining the situation.

“We received another warning from Roskomnadzor,” it said. “After that, we are ceasing covering both online and in print until the end of the ‘special operation on the territory of Ukraine.’”

The continued assault on press freedom and free speech by the Kremlin has left many in the country unable to access information about the ongoing war in Ukraine. Outside of Tucker Carlson, all United States press has also been banned in the interim.

Maxim Pozdorovkin, a filmmaker who made a documentary about the Russian propaganda machine, opined about the supposed brainwashing of the Russian population under Putin, and the control that the Russian president has on the masses, according to the Washington Post.

“It’s been an information war — a totally one-sided information war — and it has been waged so fully and artfully that it’s made a lot of what’s happening now preemptively possible. What this information war boils down to is this: ‘The West is completely against us and trying to stifle and destroy our way of life.’ It’s a simple message. But people are told this over and over, in so many different ways,” he said.

Russian state propaganda is openly admitting to wanting former U.S. President Donald Trump back in the position of power as it continues its massive onslaught of propaganda aimed squarely at the Russian population. Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images.

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