Mexican actress Salma Hayek expressed her support on all the issues singer Luis Miguel has been going through lately, specially his recent arrest earlier this week. This was a very harsh week for “El Sol de México,” pretty much because a judge from Los Angeles ordered his detainment for failing to appear in court following multiple lawsuits.

"Every time you want to judge or crucify him, just remember how much love he made you feel with his music at some point in your life, along with a couple of tequilas and next to a boy or a girl," she told newspaper Reforma during the promotion of his film "How To Be a Latin Lover" in México, where she could be seen looking gorgeous and more beautiful than ever. 

Salma supported his long time friend and also former boyfriend who besides being detained has also received a new lawsuit to his list from fellow Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández.

"Luis Miguel is my lifelong friend. He is going through an interesting and rare moment. When you have so much fuss in your life, sometimes you are not in control of certain details that other people handle. You do not know how many times you come to find out when you're already in the super mess! It happened to me," she revealed.

Salma even posted a photo on her Instagram wishing Happy Birthday to the singer. 

As you may know, William Brockhaus, his former business manager, who filed against the singer, won the case but the Latin star has refused to pay back. Univision also adds that Miguel's defendants were trying to apply for an extension, but the judge did not grant the request. Although, the singer has been released he still will have those pending cases to solve.

Salma is now promoting her new movie “How To be a Latin Lover” which premiered on April 28 along comedian actor Eugenio Derbez and also she will premiere soon one of her best performances on film with controversial movie “Beatriz at Dinner” along John Lithgow and Chloe Sevigny.