Selena Quintanilla fans are on the mission to get toy manufacturing company Mattel to create an official Barbie doll representing the late Tejano songstress. A new petition, created by Remy Ocampo, is making the rounds, encouraging every Selenaholic to jump on board this "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" project. 

"As a huge Selena fan and Barbie collector, we want Mattel to create an official Selena doll in her likeness," Ocampo states on the petition. "There has yet to be any curvy Hispanic barbie dolls in any Barbie line and we think Selena is a perfect candidate for that kind of representation. Selena was truly a person to be admired and I think young girls and boys would appreciate having a Selena doll in their collection," she added.

The petition, which notes all of the Queen of Tejano's remarkable accomplishments, also makes the point that limited edition Selena dolls exist but are very difficult to obtain in the secondary market. 

"I think they will definitely do an amazing job immortalizing Selena into an official high quality Barbie doll. Especially now since they are making dolls in different body types and skin colors," Ocampo wrote about the company that is revolutionizing the Barbie brand. "They need to capture Selena's facial features, physical attributes (the original booty) and her flamboyant sense of style. This is a long time coming for Selena fans!," she expressed.

Let's not underestimate the power of Selena fans; after all, because of them MAC Cosmetics is expected to release an exclusive Selena make up line this year.