It's been almost 21 years since our beloved Selena Quintanilla passed away, but her legacy keeps living ---and stronger than ever. In the midst of rare songs being released on the Selena radio station, a new gem has surfaced the Internet. This time, it's a rare music video called "Tu No Sabes" that was filmed in the late '80s.

The video (posted by Facebook fan page Love Selena), shows Texas-based VJ Gilberto Cortez presenting Quintanilla's new video, which was filmed in 1987 at Martin Weiss Park in Dallas, Texas. “There used to be a sign that said ‘Martin Weiss Park,’ and I made sure we had a shot of her walking past that sign because I wanted everyone to know she was in Oak Cliff,” Gilbert said to Oak Cliff Advocate Magazine, recalling that he filmed the video with a camcorder while the song played in a boombox.

Back in the days, Gilbert and his wife Rosemary had a cable access show called "Tiempo Live." After watching Selena y Los Dinos perform one night at Gran Prairie, the couple approached Mr. and Mrs. Quintanilla and asked if whether their daughter would like to appear on their show, reports the magazine. According to Gilbert, his program was like the "Mexican MTV" and was a way Selena could reach a wide audience.  

"I'd like to thank the band, especially Mr. Quintanilla for letting us do this video with Selena," expressed Cortez in the rare clip after airing the video. "That song is on her new album, and of course, she was 1987's top female performer. She's got a good voice and more material to come," he added of the then 16-year-old Queen of Tejano

We absolutely love ourselves some retro Selena. Check it out below! Isn't she beautiful? 

Selena in Oak Cliff July 1987

RARE #Selena video!#SelenaQuintanilla-Perez recorded a video of "Tu No Sabes" at Martin Weiss Park in Oak Cliff in July 1987.Video by Gilbert CortezLoveSelena.comLike-> for more!*note, we do not own this video. it was sent to us by a friend and we wanted to share it so everyone could see it! enjoy!

Posted by Love Selena on Thursday, February 18, 2016