Shaneah Jenkins and Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez are sisters but their close relationship has been shattered in 2013 when Odin Llyod was murdered and the suspect turned out to be the latter’s fiancee, Aaron Hernandez, a pro football player playing for the New England Patriots at the National Football League

Shaneah was Odin’s girlfriend and when he was killed and Hernandez was tagged as the killer, she and her sister Shayanna became enemies. During trials, they would seat at the opposite sides as they show support for their boyfriends and their families. In 2015, Hernandez was finally sentenced to life imprisonment without parole and Shayanna still remained at his side.

Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkin’s names recently returned to the headlines when Netflix released the documentary series titled “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez.” It was first streamed on Jan. 15 and apparently, it featured the life and death of the 28-year-old professional football player.

The viewers will see how he became a successful NFL athlete and his dark side that was revealed through the murder raps that he was accused of. His seemingly bizarre practices and psychology will be revealed too as well as the allegations that he was abused as a child. Hernandez’s sexuality and brain injury sustained from years of playing football were also tackled.

Probably, the most controversial part of this Netflix documentary was the murder of Odin Lloyd and the Jenkins sisters. Although the case is already closed and the people involved are no longer around, Shayanna and Shaneah are still here and they will continue to be hounded by the controversies surrounding their relationship and the deaths of their loved ones.

Moreover, as shown in the docu-series, the sisters suffered from the devastating effects of the trial. And sadly, they remained estranged up to now and no reconciliation is in sight as each still supports their ex-boyfriends.

Shayanna has been active on social media so people were able to see glimpses of her life now but there is no news about Shaneah since the case was closed. This is why many people are asking where she is now.

Heavy reported that based on property records found online, Shaneah Jenkins has moved to Georgia. She has deleted her LinkedIn and Facebook accounts but she is said to be active on Pinterest these days.

The 28-year-old is also very close to Odin Lloyd’s sister Shaquilla that she now refers to Shaneah as her “sister.” Then again, there is no other information about her as of this time.

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