'Simplemente María' Televisa Telenovela: Meet The Cast Of The New Univision Soap

Univision is set to premiere "Simplemente María" starring Claudia Álvarez, the classic telenovela story from the point of view of a poor girl that becomes a succesful business woman thanks to her hard work ethic. The Spanish-language network is going to program this soap during their daytime block at 3pm ET/PT starting on Monday, January 8. Meet the cast and characters down below and tell us what you think of the series!

Claudia Álvarez (María Flores): She is a humble and beautiful young woman. She loves her hometown and her family, but she moves to the city escaping from Isauro. She is very talented and a fast learner; she is very good at tailoring. Alejandro is the first man in her life, which is why she falls for him and never stops loving him. She is simple and good-hearted. She really cares for Cristobal, but she only sees him as a friend. Her son Juan Pablo is her biggest motivation to keep on going.

José Ron (Alejandro Rivapalacios): Ever since he was born, he has had everything he wants and that has made him a capricious man. He is passionate about horses, but he lacks the courage to challenge his father and he prefers to study medicine in order to please him and one day inherit his family’s fortune. Despite falling in love with María, he denies it and disowns his son. After a while he marries Diana. He hates Cristóbal because he is always next to María.

Ferdinando Valencia (Cristóbal Cervantes): Destiny compels him to grow fast. At his father’s death, he had to become the man of the house and support his mother and his two siblings. He has a big heart; he is honest, generous, and good-looking. He is a model teacher who is always trying to help everyone. When he meets María, he is seduced by her virtues and supports her unconditionally, but he is aware that she loves Alejandro instead and resigns himself to just being near her. He accepts marrying Ilse when he accepts María doesn’t love him.

Ana Martin (Felicitas Cervantes): Cristóbal’s mother is a generous woman whom everyone loves and appreciates. She adores her oldest son as he is so balanced and mature. When she knows he is in love with María, she advices him to come forward with her. She is really good at cooking, so she opens a diner.

Humberto Elizondo (Adolfo Rivapalacios): He is an excellent MD. He owns a prestigious hospital chain in the capital city. He is Alejandro and Vanessa’s father, and Georgina’s husband. His intolerant personality makes him see everything in extremes, especially in his family. He wants his son to become a Doctor, follow on his steps and make his legacy grow. As an upright man, he demands Alejandro to support his child financially and nothing more as he won’t let him quit his studies because of a woman.

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