Season three of “Switched At Birth” returns to ABC Family on Monday Jan. 13 and there is a lot of drama and heartbreak going on. Based on a scant amount of spoilers and the promo for the new season we can bet that senior year for Bay and Daphne will be filled with changes. The characters have some (1) major decisions to make this season and in the promo Bay says that she is not going to “let people decide what I get to do anymore.”

In the promo we also see an (2) emotional Daphne crying and then exclaiming, “I just feel like everything we’ve had has vanished.” When we last saw the “Switched At Birth” characters Toby and Nikki were getting ready for their wedding as Bay tried to deal with the fact that Ty was about to get redeployed. Daphne was dealing with John finding out she and Nikki broke into Senator Koto’s office. The senator threatened to press charges. All Daphne could say about it to John and Regina was that she did the right thing.

There was so much going on in last season’s finale including the parents getting a divorce, Ty going to Afghanistan, Bay wanting to go to a University in Germany and Angelo’s ordeal with his daughter Abby. Toby and Nikki ended up calling off the wedding and Daphne enlists Jace’s help to get a confession put up on his political blog. Daphne’s parents are still angry with her but are now focused on keeping her out of jail. In episode one of season three (3) we will learn that Daphne will begin her community service at a free clinic.

While working at the clinic (4) she will form a relationship with a young pre-med student. “Breaking Bad” actor RJ Mitte will guest star on episode one. There will be (5) a slew of other guest stars this season on “Switched At Birth” including “Roseanne” actress Sandra Bernhard, “Ugly Betty star Alec Mapa and “Glee” actor Max Adler.  Bernhard will play Bay’s art teacher a tough woman who inspires Bay and Adler plays Bay’s art classmate who has a surprise for Bay. Could a new romance be forming while Ty is away?

An (6) old romance may be rekindling as Bay surprises herself with her own feelings when she is distressed to learn Emmett has started dating. “Switched At Birth” will return to ABC Family at 8pm ET on Jan. 13. What are your predictions for the new season?