Season three of the drama "Switched at Birth" returns with all-new episodes tonight on ABC Family. Last season Bay and Daphne saw there worlds turn upside down and both dealt with a series of trials and tribulations before the final episode. Bay wants to go to Germany with Ty but he was not so receptive to that idea. Daphne was dealing with the consequences of breaking into the Senator’s office. All of Daphne’s parents were disappointed with her but vowed to help her get through whatever the senator had planned.

In tonight’s episode Daphne and Bay begin their senior year of high school. Anyone who has made it through their senior can tell you it is one of the best years but there can also be a lot of stress. Add the usual stress teens feel as seniors to the amount of drama going on in Bay and Daphne’s lives and you can bet this year will be anything but smooth sailing for the “Switched at Birth” girls. Tonight we will see Daphne begin her community service at a women’s clinic. There she will make an unexpected connection.

Bay begins her art class and though she may have been at the top of her craft in the past, this season will teach Bay the true meaning of talent. These events will lead into the Jan. 20 episode titled “Your Body Is A Battle Ground.” Bay will be forced to take a hard look at her art skills when her teacher is not so impressed by her work. Bay is also forced to join the Carlton field hockey team, a place she does not want to be. Bay is also trying to figure out her jock classmate.

Her classmate begins to push Bay’s buttons. Also happening in episode two, Daphne will make a grave mistake while working at the clinic. Daphne’s mistake will send her into a panic and possibly into the arms of Campbell, a pre-med student working at the clinic. Viewers will meet Campbell on tonight’s episode. He and Daphne will bond quickly. A new love story could be forming on “Switched at Birth.” Also be on the look out for Renzo, the new friend Kathryn will introduce to John. The “Switched at Birth” cast includes, Katie Lecler as Daphne and Vanessa Marano as Bay.