Once Upon A Time
Will Regina redeem herself now that she is no longer the Evil Queen? "OUAT" returns Sunday March 9! Facebook.com/OnceUponATime

Well “Once Upon A Time” fans we still have eight-weeks to go before the spring premiere on March 9. Until then we must make due with speculation as to what will happen when Hook tries to restore Henry’s and Emma’s memories. There are a lot of questions to be answered in episode 3x12 “New York City Serenade.” Most fans want to know what will happen between Hook and Emma, but the characters that have just travelled back to the Enchanted Forest may also have uncertain futures.

Regina’s path may be the most unclear since she is no longer the main villain. Regina has no reason to try and destroy Snow White anymore (though she still may not like her). For Regina to return to her Evil Queen ways would be useless and unimaginative. She is likely going to be somewhat lost during the second half of the season as she will be stuck between villain and hero. The people of Storybrooke may not have a reason to fear her but the probably won’t be trusting Regina anytime soon.

Having lost her son and with no real friends in the Enchanted Forest Regina is likely to have a hard time finding a place to fit in. However, the residents of Storybrooke are not the only fairy tale characters living in the Enchanted Forest. Princess Aurora and her prince as well as Mulan and a number of other characters were able to escape the curse and have been living in a dilapidated kingdom for almost 30-years. One character is from Regina’s past, although he may not know it.

Robin Hood and his Merry Men have been living in the Forest and just recruited Mulan to join their band. When Regina was married to Snow White’s father she was miserable and desperate for revenge but with Tinkerbelle’s help Regina learned that all she needed was her soul mate. Tink casted a spell that would lead Regina to the man she was destined to be with. Regina was led to a pub where the spell showed her a man with a lion tattoo. Afraid to meet him Regina ran away and started on the path to becoming the Evil Queen.

As it would turn out, the man with the lion tattoo was Robin Hood. Now that Regina is back in the Enchanted Forest and in need of someone to help heal her heart, will she and Robin finally meet? It seems likely that their paths will cross, especially if the characters are to defeat their newest enemy, the Wicked Witch. Despite Regina’s tendency to enact devastating curses as an act or revenge she does have the capacity to love deeply. She was head over heels for Daniel her first love and family’s stable hand.

She also cared for Gram and was a loving and devoted mother to Henry, although the boy had a hard time looking past her time as the Evil Queen. So it stands to reason that if Regina were to come across Robin Hood she might finally get her happily ever after. As much as the Storybrooke residents wanted to return to their home after the curse was broken Regina, Snow White and Charming did not want to return without their children. Emma and Henry were able to escape Storybrooke before the curse took hold.

As one finale gift to her son Regina altered his and Emma’s memories so that neither would remember their time it Storybrooke. Both would have normal lives and would live as though Emma had not given Henry up for adoption. Their new lives took them to New York City where viewers saw them enjoying breakfast together. A knock on the door turned out to be Hook, who told Emma he had spent the last year trying to find her. Emma had no idea who the leather wearing man at her door was and kicked him when he tried to kiss her.

Hook thought he could restore her memory with true love’s kiss. Emma was not receptive to this idea and shoved him away before he could really lock lips with her. It is important to point that out because a kiss between Emma and Hook has to be the thing that restores her memory. If there is one TV romance fans are routing for in 2014 it has to be Hook and Emma or “CaptainSwan” as Twitter has affectionately named them. Will Emma and Hook end up together? What about Regina and Robin Hood? “OUAT” returns to ABC March 9 at 8 p.m. ET. Don’t miss it!

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