A tattoo enthusiast has disclosed how he turned himself into a real-life Orc from the "Lord of the Rings."

Rico Ledesma, 41, who lives in Brazil with his wife Krishna Insomnia, 25, and their daughter, has spent a year perfecting his look, which includes a £400 ($550) fake fanged teeth.

Ledesma has 85 percent of his body covered in tattoos, eight piercings hidden under his skin, and a tongue split. He also had his eyeballs tattooed.

The actor and a tattoo artist, has 34,600 followers on Instagram. He often shares photos of his unique lifestyle on the social media photo sharing app.

"I got six false teeth placed in August 2020 and I'm going to put two bigger ones in, even though I'm having trouble eating and drinking," he said.

"The new Orc modification project consisted of [implanting] two more tusks (two large teeth), body art that is almost all in black with some grey spots and some burns and modifications," he added.

The teeth were the finishing touch to his project, which became the product of a lot of research and sleepless nights. Ledesma also admitted he's having difficulty in chewing food because of his his fangs.

He had his teeth done by a dentist who was enthusiastic about his idea. His dentist did an excellent job, he said. Ledesma said he has already scheduled his dentist for the next mission. 

He also used a scalpel to enlarge his septum earlier this month. His blackout tattoo was done to complement the body modifications. He said it was "the most time-consuming and one of the painful parts" of his transformation.

Ledesma's wife helped him with most of the tattoo project and hence, he spent very little money on his revamping plans. The artist claimed that his family and friends, including his daughter, are fascinated with his new look.

He said his daughter loves and helps him through all of his changes. The father's new look has won him the moniker "trans-species," and he's even caught the attention of Michel Reilhac, the director of "Snow White and The Intruder." And now Ledesma is getting ready to make his film debut.

He said they'll begin filming in Barcelona and the Canary Islands in October. Ledesma was not in a positon to reveal too much about the film yet. However, he guaranteed that the movie would be creative and playful, unlike anything else in cinema.

Untitled design Rico had his teeth done by a dental professional. Rico Ledesma/Instagram/@orcinfernall