Maria Bautista fans are in shock after Thalía allegedly attacked the Mexican pop singer on Twitter. 

The "Desde Esa Noche" songstress supposedly threw shade at the 20-year-old Internet sensation and his fans after making a controversial comment on Twitter, TVNotas reported. 

"There's no music more basic than that of Mario Bautista," expressed the 44-year-old singer and telenovela actress before attacking his fans and calling them "nefasta," Spanish word meaning despicable. In the tweet, the Mexican star even used the hashtags #LaDelBarrio and #Auuu to make fun of Bautista's beloved fan base, also known as Bautisters

The tweet was allegedly posted on June 26 attacking Bautista, who is not only all the rage on social media but also cousin of Thalía's colleague and Mexican '90s sensation, Fey. The post has since been deleted and the only proof that exists is a screen grab obtained by TVNotas. 

Thalia Thalía allegedly wrote this about Mario Bautista and his fans on Twitter, according to TV Notas. Twitter

It was not confirmed if the chisme is true or not, but many people have already voiced their thoughts on the controversial news on Twitter and have expressed the following:

"Thalia, what is wrong with you and Mario Bautista? Respect him, he doesn't talk bad about you." -@EranDeBautis1

"Mexico needs more people like Thalia who speak the truth about mediocre 'artists' such as Mario Bautista." -@LernBoo

"I just found out about Thalia's tweet to Mario Bautista, that's not cool." -@CFatima22

"I saw this article yesterday and Thalia would never say something like that! People don't know what to invent anymore." -@Nore1

"Thalia talked poorly about Mario Bautista? Please, she probably doesn't even know who he is!" -@Yushic

"If it's true, she deserves my applauds. [Mario's] no more than a copy of Austin Mahone." -@JovanaCristinaa

"What a disgusting publication. This news is fake, Thalia never talked bad about Mario Bautista." -@QueenThalia16

"If this is true, I have more reasons to love you, Thalia." -@LinoMartinezRam

Thalia, Mario Bautista Mario Bautista fans are not happy after Thalía allegedly threw shade at the singer on social media. Getty Images