Recent rumors claim that Tom Cruise and John Travolta have patched up their long-standing quarrel, and the two celebrities intend to start dating soon.

The National Enquirer said in its upcoming August 8, 2022 issue that Tom Cruise and John Travolta had already restored their friendship after allegedly drifting apart for years.

According to the entertainment news outlet, the pair are encouraging one another to socialize once more because they've been alone for far too long.

Reports added that Tom Cruise's most recent relationship with his "Mission Impossible" co-star Hayley Atwell ended in September, while John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston passed away from breast cancer two years prior.

According to an unnamed insider who spoke to National Enquirer, Travolta and Cruise have had difficulty finding love for different reasons. The A-listers are both eager to date once more, which is the fundamental point that hasn't changed.

"Tom's had some rotten luck in his personal life, but he figures that with John as his wingman, they'd benefit and have each other's friendship as a fallback if it doesn't work out. They've each had time to heal in their own way, and it's nice that they have each other to lean on. Now, they're lining up double dates and having all prospective ladies carefully vetted beforehand," the source said per Entertainment Times.

According to rumors, Tom Cruise is often quite selective about the women he dates, but John Travolta is said to have had a positive influence on him to help him loosen up a bit. The tipsters also mentioned that Isabella and Connor, Tom's adopted children, and Ella and Benjamin, John's children, all want to see their fathers happy.

The source mentioned: "Of course, everyone around them is jumping for joy that Tom and John are in this together, given their past feud."

Tom Cruise and John Travolta reportedly had "uneasiness" at one point due to the former's involvement with Scientology, but that is all in the past now, according to National Enquirer.

According to a spy who the media outlet recognized: "Tom reached out to John to offer his condolences when Kelly passed away, and John was beyond touched. Now, you can't keep these two apart!"

John Travolta and Tom Cruise have not yet responded to the allegations that they are content to rely on one another while looking for other partners. Therefore, unless everything is shown to be factual and accurate, ardent fans of the two actors should treat all of these unproven allegations with a great deal of skepticism.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise speaking at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International for "Edge of Tomorrow" at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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