Travis Scott's old video of him yelling at a teenage fan at a former show has emerged on the internet. While Travis was crowd surfing, the young fan allegedly tried to steal his Yeezy shoes. The rapper lost his temper right away and spat on the fan. He also frequently asked the crowd to "F**k him up," implying that he should be assaulted for his actions. Security eventually pulled the boy out of the gathering.

The musician is facing a barrage of criticism from his followers after the deadly stampede at Astroworld Fest on Nov. 5. The tragic incident claimed the lives of eight people and injured hundreds more. Fans at the festival said Travis opted to disregard the crowd's desperate requests to stop the show, even as ambulances arrived at the arena to transport the dead and injured. Travis Scott afterward turned to Instagram to express his displeasure with the situation in a statement. On the other hand, Latin Times said several Astroworld guests have sued him, accusing him of encouraging the chaos.

As a result of his attitude, the 30-year-old rapper became the target of internet policing, with outraged fans demanding that he be canceled. The old video from the Openair Frauenfeld music festival in Switzerland just added fuel to the fire.

The New York Post said footage from the Swiss event shows Scott, 30, plunging into the crowd before collapsing to his feet and gesturing to a young-looking fan nearby.

Travis Scott shouted through his microphone and told the teenager to come to the stage. He claimed the fan is trying to "steal [his] shoe." He told concertgoers to "get that motherf***er" up and told other fans to "f*** [the teenager] up."

The footage appears to show several people striking the fan as he tries to make his way to safety to a waiting security guard, with many chanting, “F**k that b****h!”

After the fan got away with the chaos and walked away, the "Sicko Mode" star appeared to spit at the fan. Scott later threw his microphone after that incident.

One enraged person called him out on Twitter. "Is he spitting on his fan? He instigates "raging" and then spits on his fan over some fucking shoes that he gets for free from Nike? @trvisXX you weak for this. Big weak," one netizen tweeted.

"Genuinely hope @trvisXX's career is CANCELLED. Watching fans be carried out and you didn't take a breath. Go spit on some more fans...trash person #canceltravisscott," tweeted another furious netizen.

One netizen also tweeted: "Travis Scott WILL stop his show to spit on a kid & tell the crowd to "f*ck him up* over his ugly shoe but won't stop a show when his fans are dying. Priorities right?"

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