Tres Veces Ana Telenovela
The first teaser for Univision's new primetime telenovela has aired and we are officially obsessed. Watch the promo here! Televisa

Angelique Boyer has been missing from telenovelas since "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó." The actress is back with the triple challenge of doing three characters at the same time with "Tres Veces Ana." This new production is a remake of "Lazos De Amor" and the first promo has aired on Univision. The Spanish-language network will have the privilege of airing the telenovela exclusively. In the preview we see Boyer as three different characters named Ana Laura, Ana Lucia and Ana Leticia. The latter character really captivated us as she is the villain and we are getting "Teresa" flashbacks, which is a good thing. "Tres Veces Ana" premieres on Monday, May 23 on Univision. Watch the teaser below and tell us what you think!

“Tres Veces Ana" is the story of triplets that become orphan after an accident. One of them gets lost and doesn't reunite with them until years later. Angelique Boyer will be playing the leading roles named Ana Laura, Ana Lucía and Ana Leticia. Joining the star of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" is real-life boyfriend Sebastián Rulli, David Zepeda and Pedro Moreno. Other actors that will be part of the production include Susana Dosamantes, Otto Sirgo, Ana Bertha Espín, Olivia Bucio, Nuria Bages, Leticia Calderón, Laisha Wilkins, Carlos de la Mota, Mónika Sánchez, Ramiro Fumazoni and many more.

It was recently revealed that Pablo Alborán would be in charge of singing the theme song. "Se Puede Amar" is the title of this tune that he wrote specifically for the melodrama. The singer recently shared a photo with lyrics to the song: "Rendirnos nunca fue una opción, así que besame o mátame, no vaya a ser que me enamore y me pidas que abandone otra vez." This roughly translates to: "Quitting was never an option; therefore, kiss me or kill me. I might fall in love and you might ask me to leave once again."

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