Angelique Boyer Telenovela 'Tres Veces Ana'
To help create the illusion of being a triplet, a double was needed to stand in for Angelique Boyer. Instagram/svetaoficial

Angelique Boyer is a mega telenovela star that is currently set to play three roles in “Tres Veces Ana.” The actress is taking on the task of portraying triplets in the “Lazos De Amor” adaptation that Lucero made back in the 90s. As you know, Boyer is only one person, she is not a twin, nor she is a triplet, unfortunately. Three Angelique beauties would be amazing, but life did not give us that blessing. Through the magic of tv, producer Angelli Nesma will have to make the star of the soap appear as three different people. We already know that their hair styles and clothes will all be different, but who will pretend to be the other character when the camera is on one of the sisters?

That is what Svetlana Pustovalova was hired for. The Televisa production looked for someone with similar characteristics as Boyer to stand in for one of the characters as Angelique plays one of the triplets. The effect should be seamless and unfortunately for Svetlana we will never really see her face throughout the telenovela. Her back, her hair, her neck, maybe her cheek will be on camera, but never her whole face as she clearly is not Angelique Boyer. Either way, take a look at what she really looks like down below and tell us what you think!

“Tres Veces Ana" is the story of triplets that become orphan after an accident. One of them gets lost and doesn't reunite with them until years later. Angelique Boyer will be playing the leading roles named Ana Laura, Ana Lucía and Ana Leticia. Joining the star of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" is real-life boyfriend Sebastián Rulli, David Zepeda and Pedro Moreno. Other actors that will be part of the production include Susana Dosamantes, Otto Sirgo, Ana Bertha Espín, Olivia Bucio, Nuria Bages, Leticia Calderón, Laisha Wilkins, Carlos de la Mota, Mónika Sánchez, Ramiro Fumazoni and many more. “Tres Veces Ana" is set to start airing sometime this year.

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