A man from the United Kingdom set a record by walking between two hot air balloons at the highest altitude. Without further adieu, this video shared by the Guinness World Records is one of the most dangerous will ever seen on social media yet.

The viral video shows a guy strolling between two hot air balloons at Yeovil, Somerset, UK, at an altitude of 6,522 meters (21,400 feet). It is, however, an old film (per India.com), which was uploaded last week on Guinness World Records' Instagram page.

Mike Howard was the man who pulled off the most daring stunt. The man is shown in the video setting a record by walking between two hot air balloons at a height of 6,552 meters. Howard also blindfolded himself and walked between the hot air balloons in one of the tries.

You'll get goosebumps watching this video. The video was shared with a caption, “Nail-biting _

Mike Howard (UK) walked on a beam between two balloons at an altitude of 6,522 m (21,400 ft) near Yeovil, Somerset, UK.”

Republic World explained that the near-death experience was recorded for the Guinness World Records: 50 Years, 50 Records TV broadcast on September 1, 2004. As the film begins, Howard can be seen strolling from one balloon to another on a train track-like contraption. He can be seen walking along the same path again, but this time with a blue handkerchief over his eyes. Mike Howard unexpectedly crossed the track again. Mike Howard accomplished the highest trapeze act in 1995, between 6,000 and 6,200 meters (19,600 and 20,300 ft).

Guinness World Records released an inspiring video earlier this month on its Instagram account. An American woman who lost her left leg in an accident in 1994 set a record by running 100 miles (160 kilometers) on the treadmill with a prosthetic limb.

According to Guinness World Records, Amy Palmiero-Winters made history by running 100 miles (160 kilometers) in 21 hours, 43 minutes and 29 seconds. Amy had to have her leg amputated above the knee after a sad accident in 1994 when her motorcycle collided with another car.

[Representational Image] BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 10: A balloon moves in front of the Clifton Suspension Bridge during day two of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta on August 10, 2007 in Bristol, England. Julian Finney/Getty Images

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