The major cliffhanger in the final episode of “The Umbrella Academy” left many fans wondering if the series will ever return for another season. Although Netflix has yet to officially renew the series, many believe that a second season is necessary to tie up the loose ends in the series finale.

The final episode of the series saw Five transport the rest of the Umbrella Academy back in time, causing their bodies to revert back to their young selves. Interestingly, the episode left many of the Commission’s briefcases out in the wild, making it highly likely for the series to return for another season.

Here are some of the questions from season 1 that fans want season 2 to answer.

1. Will Allison’s vocal cords heal?

Since their bodies reverted to their younger selves in the series finale, Allison might get her voice and power back in season 2. If nothing gets in the way, the damage that Vanya has caused her in the present time might be undone.

2. Were the kids able to stop the apocalypse?

Although Harold was the central villain in the show, it was Vanya who caused the apocalypse. In the finale, the kids were able to go back to the past to teach Vanya how to control her powers. However, it remains to be seen if they were really able to stop the apocalypse or if it all became possible with the help of another source.

3. What happened to the other 36 babies born on the same day the members of the Umbrella Academy were born?

The only ones who mattered to the plot of “The Umbrella Academy” were the seven kids. However, viewers of the series know that they weren’t the only babies born that day. Hopefully, season 2 will shed light on what happened to the rest of the babies.

4. Will Ben still be dead?

Since the Hargreeves are currently on a time travel to stop the apocalypse, they can change whatever happened that had led to Ben’s death.

5. Will Sir Reginald Hargreeves still be alive?

If the kids stopped the apocalypse, then it doesn’t seem like Sir Reginald Hargreeves will have to kill himself just to bring the Umbrella Academy back. What happened in the season finale might mean that he’ll still be alive when the team returns to the future, unless something major messes with the timeline.