Ilia Calderón
The Univision television journalist was interviewing a KKK member and was insulted. Watch the vile and tense moment here! Univision

Ilia Calderón is one of the most respected television journalists on Univision and for a piece on "Aquí y Ahora" that involved interviewing a member of the Loyal White Knights, a branch of the Ku Klux Klan. In a preview for Sunday night's episode, the leader of the group Chris Barker insults Calderón by calling her the n-word during the sit-down interview. VP of News María Martínez Guzmán described the setting and how the interview came about. "I told them that I was a producer of Noticiero Univision and that I had a correspondent, a Hispanic woman of color, that wanted to interview them," she said in the clip. "They said yes. It was a Mexican cameraman, an American one that we call 'El Gringo', Ilia, and myself, a Cuban."

Martínez Guzmán also added: "Ilia opted to staying in the car. We taped inside the house where they had all types of things that were horrible like a statute of a person of color with a watermelon and a rope around their neck. They started using language that was totally unacceptable for any of us."

Ilia Calderón says that she stayed in the vehicle to prepare mentally for "what I had to do and what I was about to confront." The producer said that one of the men approached the tv anchor while in her car and she said that she had never seen anyone look at someone with "so much hate and so much resentment."

"The first thing that he told me was that he had never had a black person step on his property," Ilia said. She also mentioned that all of her team warned her that she would be insulted and she was aware that it would happen, but not to what extent.

During the actual interview Barker told Calderón: "To me, you're a n***, that's it." She quickly replies saying, "I find that offensive." Barker stands up and walks away from the interview while Calderón asks him to stay. Ilia said that during that moment she "felt a lot of fear for my security and the security of all of my team."

"Aquí y Ahora" will air on Sunday, August 20 at 10pm/9c. Watch the preview clip below and tell us what you think!

Another leader from that same branch of the KKK recently made the news after he said he was glad a woman died during the Charlottesville, Virginia protest. “I'm sorta glad that them people got hit and I'm glad that girl died,” Justin Moore said in a voicemail to WBTV. “They were a bunch of Communists out there protesting against somebody’s freedom of speech, so it doesn't bother me that they got hurt at all. I think we're going to see more stuff like this happening at white nationalist events."

In a recorded message the group praised James Fields for driving a car into a crowd of protestors. “Nothing makes us more proud at the KKK than we see white patriots such as James Fields Jr, age 20, taking his car and running over nine communist anti-fascist, killing one [expletive]-lover named Heather Heyer,” the recorded message says. “James Fields hail victory. It’s men like you that have made the great white race strong and will be strong again.”

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