Whether you have a romantic date lined up on Valentine's Day or not, it’s always good to know if planets are in your side this year.

A few planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars, and the moon play a huge role in relationships. During Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on Feb. 14, when these planets form an aspect, they vibrate energies down on earth.

Astrodim, an astrologer, told Bustle that our "authoritative approach to our communications as well as how we go about our day-to-day lives can get a lot accomplished." The astrologer shared that with Mercury, which is the planet of communication, "also making an opposition to the moon in Leo, the battle of authority can lead to clashes.” An opposition means that it is creating an opposing alignment, which can cause friction.

Astrodim explained that on the other hand, "Leo moon energy can be helpful with keeping the vibe romantic, just a bit stubborn."

According to Astrodim, the zodiac signs who will have the luckiest Valentine’s Day are those whose astrological houses involving relationships and pleasure that are not disturbed. This will allow them to take in the romance as it comes.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Sexual healing is underway, so if Taurus is your zodiac sign then you’re going to want to hang out in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day. If you are in a committed relationship, it could be an ideal time to experiment in the bedroom. If you are single then this could be a good time to explore options available to you. Astrodim explained that Taureans will probably experience a lot of "steamy passion" during this holiday. Apart from being prepared to be active in and out of the bedroom, they also have to be prepared for "stimulating and deep conversation."

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Geminis have an ability to shapeshift, and that is their saving grace. If Gemini is your zodiac sign then you will be dodging some of the tension. You will also feel empowered in your self-expression, thanks to the moon in self-assured Leo moving into Gemini's native third house, giving the confidence boost needed to heat things up. If you are single then your infectious self-confidence could possibly attract suitors. If you are committed then you might feel even more connected to your lover. Astrodim said that initially, it might seem that you may have a tough Valentine’s Day. However, natural mutable energy of Geminis will help "them better navigate the day than most signs."

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov.21)

Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, will be in corner of Scorpions this Valentine’s Day. This also might be an opportunity to bask in all of the sexy changes that you have been manifesting for your love life. This holiday could change your relationship status if you are single. If you are committed then things could heat up in the bedroom. Astrodim suggested Scorpions to get ready for a "lot of fun and romance!"

If your zodiac sign isn't part of this list, don't get upset. Sex therapist, educator and consultant Dr. Lexx Brown-James has shared how to invest in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

Take risks with one another

Taking a risk is basically taking a chance to expose your true inner self to your partner while asking, “Will you still love me?” Having that question answered with a “Yes, and can I share this with you?” builds long-lasting trust.

Practice vulnerability

People are often praised for "being strong" which often means not making a ruckus when they get hurt or offended. It also often means showing a brave face even if they are actually suffering. Instead of "being strong" with your partner, try to practice vulnerability. Let your lover know the true feeling.

Creating boundaries

By ensuring that your boundaries are in place in a relationship, it helps to build intimacy because it teaches your partner your needs and how to respect you.

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