Just as the world comes to terms with the grisly attack that occurred in the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday, yet another disturbing footage from the rioting has emerged. The video captures a heart-wrenching scenario of a police officer being brutally thrashed by a violent mob, moments after they stormed into the building entrance. “USA! USA!” screamed the rioters, while a bunch of them waved Trump flags. The cop, who was a part of the team that was deployed to control the demonstrators, sported tactical gear.

A media report dropped incisive details about the incident during which a cop – whose identity remains to be undisclosed – is seen being dragged down a staircase by a bunch of miscreants, shortly before trampling and pelting him with objects.

The violent mob continued to attack the cop and hurled a leg crutch and water bottles at him. Shortly after, a man is seen trying to strike the officer with a long stick. The incident marks the second instance of brutality against a Capitol Police Officer.

It is believed that he suffered major blows in the head region. Not much has been divulged about the officer or his current condition.

Prior to this, Officer Brian Sicknick endured a similar form of attack during the violent siege. He was rushed to a nearby hospital after being inflicted with serious wounds. Sicknick, however, was pronounced dead on Thursday as he succumbed to the injuries.

The gnawing incident occurred at around 1.30 p.m. at a time when hundreds of lawmakers — including Vice President Mike Pence — were assembled. The mob, who are pegged as pro-trump extremists, barged into the complex to hinder Congress’ efforts to certify the presential election results.

The disturbing visuals show a police officer being assaulted by a mob.
The disturbing visuals show a police officer being assaulted by a mob. Twitter

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