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MIAMI - Nobody shakes the music world like Shakira does. In just a few days, The Colombian artist released her new 16-song album, "Las mujeres no lloran," made history in Times Square, and posted the videos for two of her new singles. The first one was "Puntería," her collaboration with Cardi B, featuring both artists dressed as Amazon warriors hunting centaurs. But the release that garnered the most attention this week was the accompanying video for her track (Entre paréntesis)" featuring Grupo Frontera.

While the first song is a semi-explicit mix of disco and electropop, with a very pink video starring "Emily in Paris"' Lucien Laviscount, "(Entre paréntesis)" could not be further from international music.

The song is a Mexican cumbia written by Latin Grammy winners Édgar Barrera, Keytin, and Shakira herself, among others. This marks the second regional Mexican track on the album.


Punteria @Cardi B 🏹🌸 new video OUT NOW!

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New York loves Shakira

The Colombian artist made history in Time Square on Tuesday with a free 20 minute concert in which she sang not only some of her new songs, but also reminded people that she is a She-Wolf and that her hips don't lie.

Shakira managed to attract 40,000 people to witness her return to playing live music, in both a publicity event for "Las mujeres ya no lloran," and a teaser of her upcoming tour. Needless to say, she is in fine form, and her fans are showing up with enthusiasm. One of them, though, has generated more attention than most. Laviscount was in Manhattan last night, went to see Shakira's performance. Then, according to Paparazzi, they had dinner together, and they were staying at the same hotel.

Shakira Shakira 💃🏻 A spectacular pop-up concert by @Shakira on the @TSX Entertainment billboard in #TimesSquare ❤️

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Shakira's powerful and very Mexican video

The "(Entre paréntesis)" video initially features Shakira as a worker in a mechanic's workshop, then transitions into a cumbia star alongside Grupo Frontera.

It pays special attention to Mexican culture, particularly in her attire, as the pants and corset outfit is reminiscent of the attire made famous by the late queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla.

However, it's the moment when Shakira turns around, revealing the back of her jacket adorned with sequins, that the connection becomes apparent. There, in shimmering detail, is an image of Mexico's patron: the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Shakira's homage to Mexico

"In the album, I've delved into regional Mexican music with Fuerza Regida and Grupo Frontera as a tribute to Mexico, a country so dear to me that has given me so much," Shakira told The Latin Times. "I started flirting with this genre since 'Ciega Sordomuda'."

"So, in a way, I felt like I had permission to do it," she explained.

"It's been an incredible experience with these two groups, these two Mexican bands that are, well, Mexican American that are wonderful, as well as other genres like afrobeat, reggaeton, ballads, rock, disco, dance, and a bit of everything," Shakira added.

Among this mix is "El Jefe," her song with Fuerza Regida, where you can hear the sierreño with a touch of quebradita, turning a social protest song against the exploitation of employees, especially undocumented workers, into a jab at her ex-father-in-law, the father of her ex-partner and father of her children, Gerard Piqué.


El jefe session in Malibu 🤠🏝️

♬ El Jefe - Shakira & Fuerza Regida

Shakira has said that her next tour will be "the tour of a lifetime" and has mentioned Mexico and Spain as a must. The Colombian artists has also confirmed that the tour will start this year. A little sample is her free performance in New York City.

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