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Queen Elizabeth might not be visiting fast food chains, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't indulge in convenient meals.

Chef Darren O’Grady worked for the Royal Family for about 15 years, reported The Sun. During his time at Buckingham Palace, he prepared meals for the British monarch, Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William.

O’Grady revealed that the Queen enjoys having hamburgers, only she likes to have it without the bun. The chef said that it always tickled him at Balmoral castle, which is the Royal Family's summer vacation home in Scotland, that they would make their own burgers, according to Insider. He shared that they would shoot deer, and the chefs would do venison burgers. He added, "There'd be gorgeous cranberry and everything stuffed into them, but we never set buns out." He noted that the Royal Family members would have burgers without the buns, and so they would "eat it with their knife and fork."

O’Grady, who worked at Buckingham Palace from early eighties to mid-nineties, also shared that the Queen did not like eating pizza and during his time at the palace, not even a slice of pizza was served.

After the news of the Queen's fondness for burgers without buns emerged, Foodhub created a "Ma’amburger" last year to emulate her desired fillings and condiments, in time for National Burger Day that falls on Aug. 27, reported Express. The special burger consisted of salad, cranberry sauce and two beef patties.

Ardian Mula, CEO of Foodhub, said that they know the public love trying out new burgers, so the company thought of introducing them to "one of the Queen's favorite snacks - which we've called the Ma'amburger." Mula added that once they found out the Queen loved a burger with no bun and "smothered in cranberry sauce," they knew they had to recreate it and offer their customers the "chance to live like royalty for the day.”

But they made the decision not to use venison in the burger because they were making it available to the public and venison is an "acquired taste" and is not as easily available as beef. However, he said that they added in an extra patty in their burger to "make up for the missing bun."

Queen Elizabeth II
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