Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are among the most popular persons in the world today. Numerous articles are written on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex daily to satisfy the curiosity of their millions of fans worldwide.

Unfortunately, not all of the stories written about Harry and Meghan are positive. In fact, some people are starting to notice that the British press seems to be targeting the Duchess of Sussex specifically and would criticize her for the littlest things she does.

But some royal family fans are a bit baffled by the seeming lack of action from the Palace to protect one of its own. And even if the royal family won’t shield Meghan, it’s still hard to explain why the Sussexes still haven’t legally dealt with those spreading false reports about them.

Someone actually posted the question “If false information has been spread from certain media sources, why haven’t the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attempted to sue them?” on the site Quora. As expected, a number of the site’s users shared their thoughts on why Harry and Meghan haven’t made their move until now.

One reason is that the Sussexes are busy people, and suing those who spread false information about them is probably not the best use of their precious time. “Because they’d ALWAYS be in court,” Jade Welch wrote on Quora.

“They’d ALWAYS be fighting a battle. It would be costly and time-consuming. They are both busy working Royals with a baby. Do you think that they have time for that,” she added.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, arrive at Casablanca Airport on February 23, 2019, in Casablanca, Morocco. Hannah McKay - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Jean Phillips, another Quora user, basically agreed with Welch. She even jokingly added that Meghan and Harry might have to live inside the courtroom if they’d decide to file a lawsuit.

“If they sued for every bit of false information put out daily, they would have to set up residence in the courtroom to cope with rubbish that’s said about them,” Phillips explained. “Hopefully, they ignore the lies and exaggerations and just get on with their life.”

Welch also said that even if Harry and Meghan were to sue their detractors in court, it’s still uncertain whether they will win the case. “Plus some things people say about them may fall under ‘free speech,’” the royal family fan noted.

“Just because they don’t like what people are saying about them, doesn’t mean they have a leg to stand on in court. You have to pick your battles!!” she continued.

In addition, the royal family has this tradition of not answering negative reports directly, which was started by Queen Elizabeth II’s mother. “But, generally speaking, members of the public follow the Queen Mother’s well-worn mantra: ‘Never complain, never explain,’” royal expert Victoria Arbiter noted.

Royal Family Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother poses 04 August 1989 outside her London Clarence House residence for photographers with Queen Elizabeth (R), Sarah Ferguson, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and other members of the Royal Family on her 89th birthday. JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP/Getty Images