Selena Gomez’s alleged feud with her BFF Francia Raisa has been all over the news in recent weeks, with reports even claiming that the two have not spoken to each other for almost a year now. Despite the reports, a source close to Gomez has revealed that the “I Can’t Get Enough” singer’s friendship with Raisa has not changed since Gomez had her kidney transplant in 2017.

One report that came out recently claimed that Selena Gomez had gotten tired of feeling indebted to Raisa, hence the feud. It can be recalled that Gomez was battling lupus two years ago when her doctors informed her that she badly needed a kidney transplant. When Raisa found out that they were a match, she voluntarily donated one of her kidneys to her bestie.

According to the report, Gomez was already sick of feeling as if she owed Raisa a lot just because she had donated her kidney to her. “The truth is that Selena was tired of feeling like she owed something to her because she gave her a kidney,” the alleged source of the publication said. “This was Francia’s choice, and Selena did not steal the kidney from her,” the source added.

Another report also claimed that Raisa distanced herself from Gomez because she was angry with her for still drinking alcohol despite her health issues. The suspicious tipster reportedly said that Gomez simply wanted Raisa to understand that she’s enjoying her life. The singer also reportedly doesn’t care anymore about what Raisa thinks.

“She just spent an amazing week with her best friends in Italy for her birthday,” the source allegedly said. “She is ready to get back to work after taking some time off, and she doesn’t need this nonsense right now,” the source added.

According to Gossip Cop, Gomez never had a serious falling out with Raisa and Raisa never confronted Gomez about her drinking and partying. The publication interviewed a source close to Gomez, and the source assured that Gomez and Raisa are still BFFs. In fact, the two hung out just last week, and many spotted them having a great time together in public.

Moreover, considering how Gomez and Raisa love each other, it’s hard to imagine them giving up their friendship just like that. While recovering from her transplant in 2017, Gomez updated her fans about her condition and expressed how thankful she was for having Raisa as a friend.

“She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me,” she wrote. “I am incredibly blessed. I love you so much,” she added, proving just how strong and unbreakable their friendship is.

Selena Gomez Singer Selena Gomez attends the Prada Resort 2019 fashion show on May 4, 2018, in New York City. Sean Zanni/Getty Images