During a violent squabble between two young lovers, a woman killed her boyfriend by hurling a mobile phone at his temple. The man was later taken to an Emergency Department in a hospital after he complained of acute migraines.

Eight days later, 23-year-old Luis Guantay died on April 18. But the news of his death has surfaced in the public on September 24. The news came into the light as 22-year-old Roxana Adelina Lopez became the center of a court probe.

Lopez is out on bail currently. A prosecutor is expected to submit an indictment soon before a trial takes place The Sun pointed out.

The deceased’s mother sought the help of the police after Guantanay died. His heart collapsed, following a critical operation for brain injuries that he suffered during the scuffle. He was operated on in San Bernardo hospital in the Argentine city of Salta, as reported by the Daily Mail.

During the fight, the blow that Guantay received to his right temple, causing the head injury, which reportedly resulted in his death. The prosecutors established this fact after the investigation.

The tragic incident took place at Guantay’s rented house. After the first round of investigation, it remains unclear how the argument turned into a fight that ended with a loss.

After being charged with the charges of Homicide, Lopez denied the charges brought against

In a similar case last month, Jesica Osores of the neighboring Argentine city of Tucuman was acquitted. She was charged with homicide as she killed her partner, in defense. She killed her husband with the same knife that he had threatened her with a couple of moments earlier.

Osores was cleared of all charges as the jury decided that she acted in that way in order to defend herself after being subjected to domestic abuse by her husband, Javier Hernan Gomez, of nine years. Jesica claimed in front of the jury that it was either her life or her husband’s.

It is speculated that in Lopez’s case, a similar verdict would come out as the news of domestic abuse is out in the open.

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