There are a lot of people turning to the dating app Tinder although not everyone there may be who they claim to be. Some end up living happily ever after while others are just there to play or look for one-night stands.

In the case of a woman only known as TikTok user Nadiyah, her narrative is something any single person may want to follow. She hooked up with a man believed to be a perfect match for her. The guy claimed he was single and both were eager to go on their first date.

But in the modern age of technology, there are ways to figure out if a man (or woman) is telling the truth. In the case of Nadiyah, she used Facebook to do some investigating to see if the man was sincere in his claims. What she found was disappointing.

It turns out that the man was already married for seven months and also had six children with his wife. Making matters worse, she saw a post showing how the couple was celebrating their love for one another ahead of Valentine’s day.

Before that discovery, the unnamed man told her that he was a one lady kind of man. It was a line used to entice her to go out with him.

Rather than blow off the guy, Nadiyah had the perfect plan to get even. She teased the man by hinting she was open-minded and wanted to bring along a friend to their date. It was here when she showed a screenshot of him and his wife.

Ordinarily, that may not matter much. But considering Nadiyah made the expose on TikTok with many watching, the jig was up. The video went viral and received lots of comments. Some people praised Nadiyah for finding out the truth about her so-called perfect match.

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A convicted killer and sex offender breached the Sex Offenders Act by going back on Tinder and registering under a fake alias. This is a representation image. Unsplash/Kon Karampelas

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