A new mother has been accused of mercilessly killing her own newborn infant daughter just hours after she gave birth because she wanted a boy child instead. The incident reportedly happened in a private nursing home in Kolkata, India on Tuesday, Oct. 19.

Nurses at the Netaji Subhas Nursing Home discovered the lifeless body of the newborn baby on Wednesday morning, Oct. 20, when they went to check on the mother's condition.

“The resident doctor confirmed that the baby had died. The infant had no complication till Tuesday night,” said Jamaluddin Shams, director of Netaji Subhas Nursing Home.

When police officers questioned the woman regarding the incident, she admitted to smothering the child to death with a pillow on Tuesday night, Oct. 19. The woman who wished to have a baby boy instead, admitted to being heartbroken when she realized that she gave birth to a daughter. This drove the brutal mother to take the drastic step and smother her own child to death with a pillow, Hindustan Times reported.

"We have registered a case. However, the woman has been kept under watch at the nursing home as she is weak and needs treatment. A probe is not possible till she gets better,” said an officer investigating the incident.

It remains unclear whether the woman’s husband, who left for an hour from the nursing home on Wednesday morning to have food, knew about the crime. The woman, however, claimed that her husband was unaware of the incident.

The authorities plan on questioning the husband to find further leads in the incident.

In a similar but unrelated incident, an Indian mother, identified as Sitamahalakshmi, has been accused of heinously killing her infant daughter by drowning her in a hospital bathroom sink in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh because she was unhappy with having a baby girl, Latin Times reported.

The infant daughter reportedly fell ill and had to be taken to a private hospital in Eluru City by Sitamahalakshmi and her husband Harikrishna on Aug. 8. The doctors diagnosed the child as suffering from a sinus infection and admitted the child for treatment.

After paying the medical bills, however, Sitamahalakshmi and Harikrishna reportedly looked around the health facility's premises and complained that their child had gone missing. The hospital management and the child's parents searched the center looking for the missing baby and finally located the infant dead in a hospital sink.

The mother was brought in for questioning on Sunday, Aug. 15, and reportedly admitted to authorities that she was unhappy giving birth to a girl child.

“She was hoping to have a son. She murdered the girl as she got angry after seeing her child suffering from illness,” the police officer explained.

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