A sick woman sent filthy photographs of a two-year-old girl to a pervert who offered her more than $5,000 in exchange for them.

Abigail Kikke was supposed to be looking after the child, Glasgow Live reports. Instead, she harassed her while chatting online with a convicted sex offender.

The twisted 27-year-old stated that the pandemic's stresses had put her in a "dark place," Daily Record mentioned.

After investigating her mother's home in Condorrat, Cumbernauld, in March 2020, cops discovered a horrible collection of more than 60 indecent photographs on Kikke's phone.

Eleven of the still and moving photographs included a two-year-old girl.

Kikke pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the girl and disseminating photographs of her and other minors in Glasgow's High Court today.

She also admitted to taking or allowing indecent images of minors to be taken, as well as possessing indecent photographs.

The court heard how authorities obtained information that Kikke was disseminating indecent photos of the girl through the social networking app Kik.

A frightening video of them both, lasting 1 minute and 58 seconds, was obtained.

Investigators tracked down the deranged 27-year-old using her internet address, which led to cops raiding her mother's home.

While the baby was sleeping in a cot, the residence was searched and several devices were seized.

Kikke's phone had 69 indecent still and moving photographs on it, 11 of which were of the girl.

The content was made between March 18 and March 26, and Kikke had already erased some of the photographs.

One of the horrifying videos confiscated was an expanded version of a five-minute video that authorities had previously discovered on Kik.

As the events' depth was described in court, the youngster's devastated father let out gasps and cries.

Prosecutor Shanti Maguire said the accused transmitted the photo to an internet user known as 'Daddy.'

Other photos on the phone depicted children ranging in age from three to four years old to fourteen years old.

Kikke was also discovered to have communicated with another internet user, 'Hollow,' who requested that she perform sex acts on the girl.

Maguire continued: "She told 'Hollow' that she sent 'Daddy' images of her and the girl and that he was willing to pay her £4,000 ($5,501)."

"Between March 22 and 23 she corresponded with a user she addressed as 'Daddy' at his request," she said.

"During their conversation, she told him she was in debt, self isolating and struggling with no human contact other than phone," Maguire said.

"He claimed he would send her £1,000 ($1,375) and in subsequent messages, he claimed to be a successful stock trader who would take the woman and girl abroad on holiday," Maguire added.

Kikke retaliated by emailing pictures of the girl in a nappy as well as other sexually explicit images.

The court was also communicating with a user named "gs1177 Mike D."

He replied to Kikke he was "sexually excited" when they talked about children.

She emailed him pictures of the daughter, and he sent her pictures of male and female children.

Officials identified the user as Gary Smith, a 43-year-old Wigan resident.

He was convicted of sexual charges, including those stemming from his chat with Kikke, at Bolton Crown Court.

He was sentenced to six months in jail for the dissemination of photos and 32 months in prison for attempting to organize or enable the commission of a child sex offense."

Kikke believed that a prison sentence was "inevitable," according to his lawyer, Ronnie Renucci QC.

These offenses occurred during a dark period in her life, "he stated

Judge Lord Sandison's background studies were used to postpone the sentencing until October.

Kikke, of Clackmannanshire, was in custody in the meanwhile and exhibited no emotion.

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