A 17-year-old girl reportedly took her own life after her parents refused to give her money for an unspecified purchase. The incident happened at her home in Kamla Nagar locality in Bhopal, India on Sunday, April 3.

The teen girl, identified only as Monu, was the daughter of Sunil Barange and resided with her family in the Rahul Nagar area in Kamla Nagar. On Sunday, April 3, when Monu's family members noticed that she had been missing for quite some time, her parents began looking around their house for her and subsequently found her dead and hanging from a noose tied to the ceiling somewhere in the residence.

Following this, Monu's family immediately rushed her to a hospital for treatment. However, the doctors at the facility declared her dead upon arrival, the Times Of India reported.

Following her death, a case was registered at the Kamla Nagar Police Station. The authorities are currently investigating what prompted the girl to make the drastic decision of killing herself.

There was reportedly no suicide note recovered from the scene. However, according to the officers' preliminary inquiry, the girl had recently sought some money from her parents but was immediately rebuffed. Distraught by her parent's refusal to give her some money, the girl seemingly decided to end her own life.

In a similar but unrelated incident, an 11-year-old boy allegedly killed himself after his parents refused to give him money to buy a movie ticket in Jagtial, Telangana, India on Feb. 14, Latin Times reported.

The 11-year-old boy, identified as Panduloji Navdeep, an eighth-grade student, was reportedly a huge fan of actor Pawan Kalyan, a popular celebrity who predominantly acts in Telugu movies in India. Navdeep and his friends had planned to buy tickets in advance for a movie named "Bheemla Nayak" which stars Pawan Kalyan in the lead role.

Navdeep, who was excited about the release of the film, reportedly asked his father Narsaiah to give him US$4 (300 Indian Rupees) to book the movie ticket in advance for the screening scheduled on Feb. 25. However, Navdeep's father denied his request and said that he did not have enough money for the ticket. The dad asked the boy to wait for a few more weeks for him to come up with the funds so he could watch the movie.

Following this, Navdeep felt distraught, went into a room, and locked it from the inside. When his family noticed that he had seemingly refused to come out of his room for hours, Navdeep’s parents became suspicious and decided to break open the door. After they forced the door open, they saw their son hanging limp from the ceiling.

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