Tonight’s finale of The Bachelor” will finally conclude the sad chronicle of Juan Pablo on season 18 of ABC’s hugely popular series. Even though we haven’t yet watched the final rose ceremony, multiple spoilers reports claim that this season’s front runner did not end up winning Juan Pablo’s heart, instead Nikki Ferrell home the final rose. So why after several one on one dates, steamy make outs and, of course, their infamous moonlight ocean dip did Juan Pablo not choose Clare Crawley as the season 18 winner? Well because there are many more factors at play involved in choosing the final lady then just the amount of time JP and Clare spent together.

The main reason as to why Clare will not win Juan Pablo’s heart is mainly because Clare was too smart for her good, and unfortunately treated the dating competition as just that— a competition. Clare knew exactly how to get Juan Pablo’s attention, not because he was actively seeking her out, but more due to the fact that Clare knew how to put himself on his radar at every opportunity.  Some simple examples of Clare’s tactics include her refusal to eat the octopus and then only tasting it “for him,” or the more well known and controversial ocean swim that led to Clare and Juan Pablo engaging in the earliest intimate night in the history of “The Bachelor.” Even though Clare was on the receiving end of most of Juan Pablo’s attention, she never really got to know him instead continually one-upped her fellow contestants.

Even when they attempted to further their relationship, it was all based on psychical attraction rather than an emotional connection. Like Sharleen who notably eliminated herself from season 18, Juan Pablo and Clare have a serious magnetism to each other but it seems like that wasn’t enough for JP to choose to spend the rest of his life with her. More over the most important piece of evidence indicating that Nikki will receive JP’s final rose instead of Clare, is Camila. Juan Pablo introduced his young daughter to Nikki in Miami, and that is most likely the most important clue into telling us whom JP truly cares for.