Season 18 of “The Bachelor” has been a wild ride for Juan Pablo, but tonight it all comes to an end with the Final Rose Ceremony. After starting the dating competition with 27 women, Juan Pablo has finally narrowed down the contestant to two women, and tonight he will give one of these lucky ladies the final rose and possibly even an engagement ring alongside it. So will it be for Juan Pablo, either Clare, the 32-year old hairstylists from Sacramento, California or Nikki, the 26-year old pediatric nurse from Kansas City, Missouri.  Only time will tell, but both of the women have made serious impact on the Latino single father. So much so that Juan Pablo even introduced his daughter Camila to Nikki while the pair were in Miami.

But does the family introduction mean that Nikki is the winner of season 18 of “The Bachelor” and Juan Pablo’s heart? Most likely yes- multiple spoiler reports claim that tonight Nikki goes home with the final rose while Clare only goes home with her bags packed. But the one thing we have heard over and over again is that Juan Pablo didn’t actually propose to Nikki, something that according to Wetpaint, ABC wasn’t too happy about. So even though there is a winner in tonight’s “Bachelor” finale, there will most likely be no ring! However, I wouldn’t full rule out Clare just yet. In a deleted scene from tonight’s episode Clare and JP are seen relaxing sweetly together, when the romantic bachelor begins to play a special song for Clare, the moment between the pair is so sweet and tender that she actually starts crying. Then the couple go on to discuss playing the song at their wedding….hmm certainly sounds like she still has a shot at that final rose.

No matter who walks away with Juan Pablo and the final rose on the season 18 finale of “The Bachelor” you know it will be an entertaining one! That's why you must watch the finale tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. or if you can’t watch live on the TV be sure to tune in and watch “The Bachelor” finale online available via live stream after the live airing on!