A lawsuit filed on Thursday accuses a cheerleading coach from South Carolina, who also heads a cheerleading company in the United States, of fostering a "factory of abuse" under his leadership, with teenagers and children under the program allegedly subjected to sexual harassment by the coaches of the company.

Scott Foster, his ex-wife Kathy Foster, the company Rockstar Cheers, and others are named in a massive sexual abuse lawsuit that reportedly represents over 100 John and Jane Does who experienced inappropriate sexual advances from the coaches while they were minors under the program, according to the Daily Beast.

Foster, who founded Rockstar Cheers as a franchise gym in Greenville in 2007, was found dead on Aug. 22 of this year in an apparent suicide, reportedly after learning that Homeland Security was investigating him for sexually abusing children across state lines, WYFF4 reported.

The allegations claim that Foster had done or given drugs to many of the underage athletes he was mentoring, coerced sexual relations with at least two different athletes, and had forcefully kissed a female athlete to kiss him in a hotel stairwell.

“This was a factory of abuse designed specifically to generate two things: a constant supply of underage victims for Scott Foster and his fellow predators and a billion dollar revenue stream to Varsity Spirit, USASF and Bain Capital,” attorney Bakari Sellers said. “Instead of protecting these young men and women, they victimized them and cashed their checks.”

Multiple victims, with their identities hidden to protect them, have come forward to talk about being abused by Foster when they were underage, with some of them being invited to the “Rockstar House” apartments where the athletes would stay and where they would be coerced into doing drugs and alcohol, and sometimes be sexually assaulted by the coaches.

“Foster used this position to coerce children to concede to his sexual suggestions, using his authority and position of trust to exploit them physically, sexually, and emotionally,” a lawsuit regarding Foster’s abuse of power said.

Foster’s ex-wife Kathy has been largely quiet regarding the allegations, but she has expressed shock at the actions documented. Rockstar Cheers has not commented on the lawsuits, as multiple locations across the country announced that their branches there would be dropped.

“I hope the survivors are seeking and receive the support they need. I am sympathetic to their stories, and will cooperate with all involved to make sure our athletes learn and grow in a safe environment,” Kathy Foster said.

A cheerleading coach in South Carolina was named in a lawsuit on Thursday which claims that he sexually abused minors who were under his care, as well as gave them drugs and alcohol. This is a representational image. Clayton Scelzi/Unsplash.

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