Camilo and Evaluna new mini album "un"
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MIAMI - Camilo and Evaluna were cold—"very cold," they say—when the idea for their new song came to them. After returning home from their family's annual Christmas vacation in a winter wonderland, the couple decided to share the experience with La Tribu, as they affectionately call their fans.

"What do you do to get warm?" Camilo asked on social media. The answer was mainly tropical songs. This was the seed that gave life to "PLIS," the first song, and his first duet with his wife since October 2021, when they released their mega hit "Índigo."

Once the song was ready, they decided to record it live in "El Taller Creativo," his music and art workshop in Miami, with a total of 17 musicians. Then, the couple decided that "all that talent deserved more than just one song." This led to the composition of two more tracks, "Gordo" and "No se vale." And thus, the mini album was born.


El combo de PLIS sigue creciendo. @Evaluna vamos a bailar con esta canción o te da miedo? 🎺🎷🪘😎🏝️

♬ sonido original - Camilo

Each song in 'un' is accompanied by music videos directed by Evaluna and Cristian Saumeth. They were filmed concurrently with the live recording sessions at 'El Taller Creativo,' a space designed by Camilo himself. This year, it will serve as the hub for all his projects.

Music para bailar

The album kicks off with 'Gordo,' a salsa number penned by Camilo and Ricky Montaner, his brother-in-law and half of the Mau y Ricky duo. The song delves into the poignant moment of seeing an ex-partner with someone new, encapsulating the essence of the saying, 'You don't know what you've got until it's gone.' It's a vivid portrayal of love, loss, and the complex emotions that follow.

"No Se Vale," a son genre track co-written by Camilo and multi-awarded Mexican-American composer and producer Édgar Barrera, follows suit. It speaks to the heartache of unrequited love, painting a picture of a person whose heart remains with an ex-lover who has moved on.

The album ends with the lead single, "PLIS." Co-written by Camilo and Juan David Muñoz Aviles, it is a tropical fusion that "celebrates the special places and moments that rejuvenate and strengthen a relationship," said Camilo.

The mini album "un" is not the only big announcement coming from the Echeverry - Montaner home this 2024. Camilo and Evaluna revealed they are expecting their second child last week. This joyous news adds another layer of depth and emotion to "PLIS," making 'un' not just a musical journey, but a celebration of love, family, and new beginnings.

Camilo new album un
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