Summer is the official start of the canned cold brew coffee season! Learn how to choose the best options while grocery shopping. Photo by Kaffee Meister on Unsplash

Do you love a good hot cup of coffee but warmer weather always makes you grab a canned cold brew? You are not alone! Although every season is a coffee season, you don't have to struggle choosing among the multiple options at grocery and convenience stores.

Registered Dietitian Luisa Sabogal knows this can be super overwhelming; Therefore, she is sharing with the Latin Times readers, her tips for choosing a healthy, energizing and tasty cold brew to get you through the summer.

First, what is cold brew coffee, exactly? It’s coffee that’s made by grinding and soaking beans in water for an extended period of time. This results in smooth, less acidic and highly caffeinated coffee, that can actually be served hot or cold.

How To How To Choose A Better (Cold) Brew Coffee

  • Watch for added sugars

Many cold brews can be loaded with sweeteners, so always opt for an unsweetened cold brew.

  • Keep it simple

Look for simple ingredients and if possible with only one ingredient, such as cold brew coffee "Califia Farms Blonde Roast is made with only cold brew coffee and also delivers a rich depth of flavor," said Sabogal.

  • Opt for plant-based milk

If you like milk in your coffee, choose a cold brew with plant-based milk, like oat milk, to maximize the health benefits of drinking coffee. The proteins found in dairy milk can decrease the antioxidant capacity in coffee.

"Califia Farms Black and White Cold Brew with Oatmilk is one of my favorites because it has no added sugar, is made with creamy oat milk, and provides a smooth taste," said the nutrition expert.

  • It’s all about the coffee beans

Choose a cold brew coffee made with Arabica coffee beans because they are richer in flavor and aroma.

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